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NeON Arts Fall/Winter Workshops

December 2020–March 2021

NeON Arts workshops take place online this fall and winter. Participants from all five boroughs of New York City have the chance to connect and collaborate as a community online through free workshops in filmmaking, visual arts, theater, culinary arts, digital media, and more. NeON Arts allows young people ages 1624 to build peer relationships and learn more about opportunities and careers in New York City arts and entertainment industries.

Application Deadline: December 9*

Accepted Participant Notification: December 10

Workshop Duration: December 14April 2

*Workshop availability is limited, Please note that completing the application does not guarantee a spot in a workshop. Space permitting, participants will receive an email invitation by December 10 with detailed instructions on how to join their desired workshop(s).

Act Like You Mean It


Tuesdays and Fridays, 4 PM6 PM
During Act Like You Mean It, participants learn key acting and writing skills they can take to the stage. Participants have the opportunity to prepare short original scripts while also exploring a short classic or contemporary script. They workshop concludes with recorded participant performances of one classic or contemporary work, and one original work for an online audience.

B for Basquiat

Visual Arts

Schedule One: Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30 PM6 PM
Schedule Two: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30 PM6 PM

The B for Basquiat workshop focuses on Black and brown art history, developing art techniques, and learning about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat through the creative process of making an educational coffee-table book. Through this process, participants are introduced to mixed media art forms, including collage art, to take their artistic skills to the next level.

All-City Cypher

Music / Video / Social Media

Wednesdays, 5 PM–6:30 PM (Occasional Saturdays, 10 AM11:30 AM)
In All-City Cipher, participants create songs, music videos, PSAs, and social-media campaigns to share their perspectives with the world. This workshop guides participants through the pivotal process of defining important topics and issues, possible solutions, and how to use various media tools to educate, advocate, and positively impact one's community.

Youth Documentary Workshop

Digital Media

Wednesdays and Fridays, 5 PM7 PM
Participants explore the powerful connections between art and activism as they learn to shoot, edit, and produce social-justice documentaries. They receive media arts training in camera operation, lighting, audio, music composition, editing, and scriptwriting on professional equipment and software.

Healthy Eats and Treats

Culinary Arts

Thursdays, 4:30 PM6 PM
In Healthy Eats and Treats, participants learn the importance of balanced, healthier plates for everyday meals. They explore cost-effective ways to incorporate more fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains into meals that lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

20/20 Vision: The Fundamentals of Digital Filmmaking

Film Production

Thursdays and Fridays, 6 PM8 PM
The Fundamentals of Digital Filmmaking workshop covers shot composition, cinematic lighting, camera movement, creative storytelling, and more. Participants learn motion picture editing techniques, basic image correction skills, and how to use state-of-the-art video editing software. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have created their very own short film to be shared with an online audience.

Coding, Gaming, and Website Creation

Digital Media

Wednesdays, 4 PM6 PM
Young people with disabilities (such as autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities) become the techies of tomorrow, gaining important technological skills as they are introduced to current issues and challenges shaping social-justice movements. Participants reflect on their own identities and challenge their assumptions by learning how to code, create games, and make personal websites.

Connect Sounds

Music Production

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 PM5 PM
In Connect Sounds, participants explore digital music production, audio engineering, and songwriting as they work to create and publish their own content. Participants have the opportunity to step into the music industry—including the business side—so they can leverage their skills and knowledge to identify potential educational or career paths.

Pocket Flicks: Filmmaking with Cell Phones

Film Production

Wednesdays, 4 PM6 PM
Working with a team of professionals in the film industry, participants are given the tools to nurture and develop filmmaking skills while cultivating creativity that can be carried into future careers in the arts. They learn how to creatively express and share their ideas on film with their community remotely by using only a cell phone.

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